Green Lights, Better Life
Tailored Luminaries by Application

Bespoke LED Luminaries

Expertise in designing LED luminaries.

Thanks to the high flexibity of LED, it can be arrayed in vritually ANY form to maximize illumination effectutmost energy saving can be realized.

From indoor factory downlight to outdoor flood light with IP67 protection, we can tailor virtually any kind of LED luminary dedicated for every application.

bespoke_2 ♦ Steet lamp with extended luminance maintenance 
bespoke_3 ♦ IP67 Light engine with fexible cascadability
bespoke_1 ♦ Bespoke shape for dedicated application
bespoke_5 ♦ High CRI for outstanding visual impact

♦ Instant saving on electricity can be measured by putting two power meters side by side, payback period can easily be derived at the end of the day.